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Clayvision is a small family business that was started in 1999.

We started the business by binding our own dog journals and needed a dog bone charm to go with it.  (How hard could it be to find one?)  We looked everywhere and couldn't find one we liked.  Finally, somebody suggested that we cast our own.  Since making the dog bone charm, we've created hundreds of our own designs that we now sell.

Our business doesn't spend a lot of money on marketing and relies on repeat customers and word of mouth to grow. We try to focus our efforts on customer service, as we know that is what we appreciate when we shop. If there is anything that you would like to comment on to help us improve, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you!

Clayvision, LLC
15507 S. Normandie Ave. PMB 206
Gardena, CA 90247



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* our items are not intended or recommended for pets or children under 3 *